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How to Choose a Reliable Forex Broker?

Forex trading is extremely popular nowadays. It is currently considered to be the largest financial market in the world, as trillions of US dollars are traded in forex market on a daily basis. It is worth to mention that once only large financial institutions and wealthy people had an access to trading but the emergence of the Internet made trading in the Foreign Exchange market available to average traders as well. It should be pointed out that today’s market is characterized by an enormous competition between forex brokers that offer traders various services and instruments.

Trading platform

It is essential for traders to explore thoroughly trading platforms that forex companies offer and find the one that meets their trading expectations, because the choice of a right trading platform is crucial for their success in forex trading. Make sure that a trading platform offered by a forex company possesses sophisticated technical and fundamental analysis tools and has a user-friendly interface which makes trading environment more convenient. Surely one of the most important factors comprising a professional trading platform is high functionality, provision of various order types, and many more.


Spread is the difference between Bid and Ask prices. It matters to traders, since when opening a position it is deducted from the balance at first – that is the fee for currency trading. Spread may be both fixed and floating and it differs from instrument to instrument.


Since online trading implies investment, it becomes evident that dealing with a broker with no regulation carries high risks. Besides regulation, the trustworthy of a broker may be checked just by investing a small amount of money and withdrawing it after a while just to see how it works.

Customer service

A trustworthy forex trading company offers forex traders a professional customer service. It goes without saying that patience, helpfulness, politeness, competence are among the main features characterizing a professional customer support team. Another important point to mention is that a reliable customer staff should be reachable at any time, as forex market is considered to be a 24 hour market. Actually, a quick test call can serve as an effective way to understand the type of customer support forex trading company online provides, you should pay attention to wait times, as well as their ability to answer various questions related to the company’s products and services.

IFC Markets as a Trusted Forex Broker

The company is present in the market since 2006 and during these years it has been constantly proving its professionalism, by constantly improving the offered services, increasing the number of trading instruments and working on implementation of new projects. For now the company offers a very large number of instruments and professional attitude towards clients.

One of the most unique features of IFC Markets is GeWorko Method, which provides traders with the opportunity to create their own instruments and implement their trading strategies.

The company offers its clients its own sophisticated NetTradeX platform that can meet any professional trader’s needs, as well as popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Furthermore, IFC Markets offers the most profitable and competitive partnership program for introducing brokers, giving them the chance of benefiting from the best conditions, including highest commission rates, simple program mechanism, any materials and tools necessary for working, etc.

In conclusion, the key to success in forex market depends on your choice of a reliable forex broker. In order to achieve this goal, it is needed to do a thorough research before making a final decision concerning the choice of a forex broker.