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Trade Bitcoin Futures - BTCH9

Futures on Bitcoin (Mar 2019) with first trading day on 02.19.2019 and last trading day on 03.28.2019.

CFD on Bitcoin Futures #F-BTCH9 Trading Conditions

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BTCH9 Trading Hours

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Week dayTrading hours (CET)Local trading hours
Monday 00:00 — 23:0000:00 — 23:00
Tuesday00:00 — 23:0000:00 — 23:00
Wednesday00:00 — 23:0000:00 — 23:00
Thursday00:00 — 23:0000:00 — 23:00
Friday00:00 — 22:0000:00 — 22:00

Trade Bitcoin Futures - BTCH9

Bitcoin futures are instruments for trading and hedging, which provides market participants with an opportunity to hedge against the sharp price fluctuations of this cryptocurrency. These are cash settlement futures, with no physical delivery. Base futures are formed on the basis of the weighted average price of Bitcoin on four cryptocurrency exchanges (Bitstamp, GDAX, itBit, Kraken). These futures are quoted in US dollars per 1 Bitcoin.

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