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Monday 08:00 — 21:5508:00 — 21:55
Tuesday08:00 — 21:5508:00 — 21:55
Wednesday08:00 — 21:5508:00 — 21:55
Thursday08:00 — 21:5508:00 — 21:55
Friday08:00 — 21:5508:00 — 21:55

Stock index of France (40) against the EUR

FR40 - CFD on the French stock market index, composed according to CAC 40 index (in standard composition and weights of individual issuers). The index is calculated as a weighted average capitalization value stock prices of the 40 largest companies in France. These companies' stocks are in free float and are not included dividends paid on stocks. Benchmark index is considered 31.12.1987 - at this point the index is assumed to be 1000. Stocks included in the index, well shows the general state of the French stock market. The index in the company IFC Markets is a synthetic continuous instrument (without dates of expiration).

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