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IFCM Invest

Boost your profits,
copy the most profitable traders

The IFCM Invest is a solution that connects investors to experienced traders:

To start Investing

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  • Open Payment Account to Make Deposit
  • Open Investment Account
  • Choose a Master Account
  • Transfer funds to your Investment Account
You choose Master to invest and make a deposit.
You choose Master to invest
Master trades and gets profit for you.
Part of the Profit you give him as his reward.
profit for you

Why IFCM Invest

You are beginner?
Are you a beginner?
Invest in Master accounts of professional traders with years of markets expertise
Stay in control
Stay in control
Stay in full control of your money - only pay commission when your chosen Master makes a profit.
More time for you
More time for you
Don't have the time to follow the markets? Invest in Master account instead.
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