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Celebrate success with IFC Markets
Win New Electric Iconic sports car
Mustang MACH-E
Start OCT 1
Minimum Deposit $250 Bonus up to 50%
Registration + min. $250 Deposit
Trading + up to 50% bonus
Interim Draw
FEB 2022
Final Draw
JUN 2022
IFC Markets periodically hosts great promotions and contests, and this is where you can see our previous winners

Our Awesome Prizes

Mustang MACH E
Gold Watch Hublot
Dream Cruise
Apple Macbook Pro
iPhone 12
iPad Air
$100 Bonuses Withdrawable
Contest Rules
  • The prizes are:
  • 1 Mustang MACH-E electric car
  • 1 Gold watch Hublot
  • 3 Dream tours for 2
  • 10 x iPhone12 smartphones
  • 5 x Apple MacBook Pro laptops
  • 10 x iPad Air tablets
  • 80 Bonuses x $100 withdrawable
Start Date:
October 1st, 2021
Completion date:
June 1st, 2022

The contest is held online and has 2 stages in total.

  • There is a possibility to apply for a cash equivalent of a prize.
  • The 1st stage deposit should be at least 250 USD / 250 EUR / 25,000 JPY / 6250 UBTC. (Note: 0% deposit commissions).
  • Any Participant of the Program is allowed to participate in the Prize Draw, if he/she carries out trade with a total turnover of at least 1 Conditional Lots in the last 60 days of the Program.
Bonus Calculation Scheme
  • Participants will have the opportunity to choose a bonus at their own discretion and receive it after fulfilling the necessary conditions.
  • A bonus of 30% is set by default, which can be changed if the participant wishes to do so.
  • Remember that if a 10% bonus is selected, it will be credited to the member's account instantly, no requirements are needed.
Example for a $250 deposit
Bonus Value Deposit Value Bonus Qualifying number of lot trades
50% $250 $125 250/ 50 = 5 lots
40% $250 $100 250 / 66.7 = 3.75 lots
30% $250 $75 250 / 100 = 2.5 lots
20% $250 $50 250/ 200 = 1.25 lots
10% $250 $25 0 lots
Tickets Calculation Scheme
  • After fully complying with the rules of the program participants will get a certain number of Tickets, depending on the amount of replenishment.
  • The maximum number of Tickets granted to participant is limited to five.
Number of tickets based on initial deposits
Initial deposit Number of tickets
250-499 USD 1 ticket
500-749 USD 2 tickets
750-999 USD 3 tickets
1000-1499 USD 4 tickets
1500 USD and more 5 tickets
Maximum Bonus is limited to 1000 USD / 1000 EUR / 100,000 JPY / 25,000 UBTC.
  • The chances to receive prizes directly depend on the number of Tickets received for the active participation in the contest
  • The main language describing Terms and Conditions of the contest is English

* A Conditional Lot is a conditional measure unit for trading turnover defined by IFC Markets. See section 7 “Conditional Lots Calculation Table” of the Terms and Conditions of this contest.

Who Can Participate
  • Any individual or legal entity willing to participate, who is registered as a client of IFC Markets and corresponds to the requirements of participation in the contest
  • The contest is for both new and existing customers.
  • The contestant needs to open a real trading account with IFC Markets to participate in the Promo (the participant may use an already existing real trading account).
  • One participant can operate only one contest Live account.
  • Participants can fund their accounts by using any deposit method available for the region.
  • A Participant can use trading strategies and expert advisors without any restrictions.
  • The participant may lose the Welcome bonus when applying for the funds withdrawal after receiving the bonus, if as a result their account equity is less than the total deposit amount + Bonus amount.
  • To participate in the Prize Fund Draw, the Participant must complete the previous stage of the contest.
  • Each Participant can claim only 1 of the prizes.
  • The winners may choose and receive the cash equivalent of a prize instead of a material prize at their discretion.