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  • All groups start and finish trading at the same time.
  • Transactions on contest accounts are prohibited until the official announcement of the start of the tournament.
  • Each stage of the contest lasts for 4 days (within one working week):
    • Start: 00:00 (CET) on Tuesday
    • End: 22:00 (CET) on Friday
  • It is strictly forbidden to carry out arbitration operations between two or more real accounts participating in the competition in order to obtain advantages over other participants.
  • The minimum number of operations that a contestant must complete at each stage of the tournament — 5.
  • The contestant should open at least one position during the first two days from the beginning of each week.
  • Stages of the contest:
    • Group stage, which consists of 4 rounds. (4 weeks)
    • Play-Off 1/8 final (1 week)
    • Play-Off 1/4 final (1 week)
    • Play-Off 1/2 final (1 week)
    • Final and the fight for the 3rd place (1 week)
  • Contestants will be divided into 8 groups (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H) by drawing and to the extent possible, with an equal number of participants in all groups.
  • Minimum required account balance for each stage:
    • The whole Group Stage – 100 USD.
    • Play-Off 1/8 final – 200 USD
    • The rest stages (1/4 final, 1/2 final, final and match for the 3rd place) – 250 USD
  • The account balance is presented in percentage terms, and at the beginning of each stage, regardless of the amount present on the contestant’s account, it will be counted as 100%.
    *For example, the Contestant A makes the minimum deposit of 100 USD to participate in the Group Stage 1, which is counted as 100%, and the Contestant B makes a deposit of 500 USD, which is counted as 100%, too. The Contestant A trades and wins 50 USD, so his/her account balance will be shown as 150%, and the Contestant B loses 100 USD, so his/her account balance will be shown as 80%. Imagine, they both are the leaders of the group. So, according to these results, the 1st and 2nd places will be determined, and right before the next stage their account balance ($150 and $400 respectively ) will be shown as 100% again.
  • Contestants can receive additionally 2% if they share information about the contest twice in their public stories on Instagram during the first 3 rounds of the Group stage, tagging IFC Markets official page and using the hashtag #IFCMpromo. For more details, follow the instructions on our Instagram pages, mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of this tournament.
  • In each group, the 1st and 2nd places are determined to continue the contest. Participants with the highest account balance in percentage terms (1st and 2nd respectively), will be recognized as the winners of the stage.
  • Once the winners of a stage are identified, the next stage pairs/players are determined.
  • Everyone can participate in the competition, provided that they are 18 years old.
  • Only new live accounts are acceptable. Account types: NetTradeX Beginner-Fix, MetaTrader4 Micro-Fixed or MetaTrader 5 Micro-Floating accounts in USD.
  • The contestant may use leverage at his/her discretion.
  • Replenishment of the account by internal transfers is prohibited; attempts to withdraw the necessary amount from existing trading accounts and to add to the balance of the contest account will be stopped by the financial department, up to and including refusal of admission to the contest.
  • During the registration, the participant must deposit his/her newly opened contest account with at least $100 (or more, if desired) by any available payment method, which will be considered the minimum deposit for the Group Stage. Later, the participant cannot add funds to his/her account during the Group Stage rounds 1-4.
  • Deposit of the contest account, as well as withdrawal of funds directly in the trading process (on contest days) is not allowed.
  • Contestants are allowed to deposit their contest accounts and withdraw funds from them on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays (which are not considered competition days) before the beginning of the Play-Off 1/8 final, Play-Off 1/4 final, Play-Off 1/2 final, Final and the fight for the 3rd place, provided that they maintain the minimum required amount on their account balance
  • One participant can operate on only one contest account.
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