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Montag 15:30 — 22:0015:30 — 22:00
Dienstag15:30 — 22:0015:30 — 22:00
Mittwoch15:30 — 22:0015:30 — 22:00
Donnerstag15:30 — 22:0015:30 — 22:00
Freitag15:30 — 22:0015:30 — 22:00

George Weston Ltd

George Weston Limited is a holding company engaged in food processing and distribution business. The Company, through its two operating segments, Weston Foods and Loblaw, holds cash, short-term investments and a direct investment in Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (Choice Properties). The Weston Foods operating segment includes a fresh bakery business in Canada, and frozen, artisan style bakery and biscuit businesses throughout North America. The Loblaw segment, which is operated by Loblaw Companies Limited, is a food and pharmacy retailer, and the majority unitholder of Choice Properties. Loblaw provides Canadians with grocery, pharmacy, health and beauty, apparel, general merchandise, retail banking, credit card services, insurance and wireless mobile products and services. Choice Properties owns, develops and manages income-producing retail and commercial properties.

How to Buy WN Stock

To buy WN stocks traders should follow these steps:

  • How much to invest in WN Stock:Decide how much to invest in WN stock. Never invest in more than what you're willing to lose.
  • Open account:To buy WN stock you need to open a brokerage account. To open account you should go to 'Open Account' page and fill all the required fields of the form.
  • Buy WN Stock Using Trading Platform:After opening account you can trade WN shares CFDs by using MetaTrader or NetTradeX trading platforms.


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Überprüfen Sie das Handelsergebnis durch unseren online Rechner
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