Additional Trading Conditions

  • Earnings Calendar

    Earnings Calendar

    All the companies listed at stock exchanges (once per quarter, six months or a year) provide regularly and on a mandatory basis public reports on their financial and industrial activities.

  • Stock Dividend Dates

    Stock Dividend Dates

    Stocks represent share in property and incomes of issuing companies. Stock Contracts for Difference (CFD) are instruments that allow investors to make profit as a result of changes in quotations liquid stocks without share in ownership. Those who hold a position in Equity CFDs will get or will be charged dividend adjustments equal to the dividend announced.

  • PCI Instruments Video

    PCI Instruments Video

    The clients of IFC Markets have an opportunity to create personal financial instruments - PCI (Personal Composite Instruments), the variations of which are restricted only by imagination – stock portfolios, currency indices, global stock indices, diversified portfolios, country indices, sector indices and many other financial products.

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