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Trading Instruments

Trading Instruments

Apart from currency trading, our company offers its traders a wide range of instruments – Precious metals, Index, Stock and Commodity CFDs.
A wide choice of trading instruments gives you an opportunity to apply your trading strategies not only in currency trading but in other markets too. You can also use the new instruments for diversifying your investment portfolio.

In addition to standard trading instruments, IFC Markets gives a unique opportunity, which has no analogues in the world – creation of personal composite instruments, the variations of which are restricted only by your imagination (stock portfolios, currency indices, global stock indices, indices of precious metals, globally diversified portfolios and many more).

  • Currency Pairs

    Currency Pairs

    Investors involved in currencies trading buy or sell currency pairs, a relative value of one currency (called base currency) expressed in units of another currency (known as quote currency). The exchange rate reflects transferring purchasing power between currency units of different countries, reflected in currency pairs’ dynamics and quotations. The exchange rate itself is formed by supply and demand forces which may strengthen or weaken depending on a variety of factors, including macroeconomic, technical, political and even natural.

  • Precious Metals

    Precious Metals

    From the investment point of view metals, especially gold, are regarded as monetary assets due to their special role in the financial system. Gold has been considered the ultimate store of value, a protection against inflation, a hedge in social and political crises, and its role is accepted worldwide due to an exceptional liquidity.

  • Index CFDs

    Index CFDs

    Index CFDs and their dynamics are a precise and exact investor estimation of a particular national economy or a sector performance. Indices value by its nature is a composite indicator of systematic factors which influence markets as a whole.

  • Stock CFDs

    Stock CFDs

    Stocks represent share in property and incomes of issuing companies. Stock Contracts for Difference (CFD) are instruments that allow investors to make profit as a result of changes in quotations liquid stocks without share in ownership. Those who hold a position in Equity CFDs will get or will be charged dividend adjustments equal to the dividend announced.

  • Commodity CFDs

    Commodity CFDs

    Commodity CFDs are considered an alternative type of derivatives the price and dynamics of which depend on the same factors and follow those that the real commodities, such as agricultural products, energy and other commodities, do. Formation of commodity prices also is influenced by many factors, such as the stability of production and supply, political and social conditions, the current stage of the economic cycle, as well as environmental factors and so on.

  • Gold Instruments

    Gold Instruments

    In contrast to traditional gold trading, quoted against the US dollar or the euro, this group includes the following unique instruments, in which gold is quoted against other assets:

  • PCI Instrument

    PCI Instrument

    The clients of IFC Markets have an opportunity to create personal financial instruments - PCI (Personal Composite Instruments), the variations of which are restricted only by imagination – stock portfolios, currency indices, global stock indices, diversified portfolios, country indices, sector indices and many other financial products.

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