CFD on Nd100 Index

IFC Markets offers a wide range of CFDs on major Stock Market Indices.

CFD (contract for difference) is aimed for trading on the basis of fluctuations of current market prices of the base asset, not owning it physically.

You can trade Index CFDs by using advantages of preferential swaps and tight spreads.

Index CFDs by IFC Markets are based on Index futures, but are built without an expiration date – the instrument quotation fluently passes from the old futures to a new one without any gaps and without any necessity to reopen the position.

Trading Conditions of ND100 Index CFD

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Nasdaq (100) vs US Dollar

Type: Stock index CFD

Liquidity: high

Nasdaq 100 includes shares of one hundred non-financial companies, both US-based and international, are listed on the Nasdaq, based on market capitalization. The index was launched in January 1985 from the level of 250 and is focused on high-tech sectors. CFD on Nd100 index is traded in US dollars.

Portfolio Trading (available only on Online Trading Platform NetTradeX)

Portfolio Trading

Besides standard Index trading, you can expand the range of your trading instruments adding the tradable Indices into a portfolio through GeWorko Method. With GeWorko Method you will be able to:

  • create unlimited amount of own trading instruments
  • trade one portfolio against another

Each portfolio can be formed using currencies, single stocks or stock indices, precious metals, commodity futures and other financial products to suit best investor's needs and preferences.

Why IFC Markets?

  • Professional trading platform NetTradeX
  • Trading on streaming quotes with fixed spreads
  • Leverage up to 1:400 on currencies, indices and commodities, and 1:40 leverage on stocks
  • Continuous CFD Trading with no expiry dates on commodities and indexes
  • Opportunity to create personal trading instruments PCI
  • Insurance in AIG EUROPE LIMITED
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