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600+ CFD & Forex Instruments

Highly comfortable trading conditions is one of the decisive factors for a trader when choosing an online broker. IFC Markets offers to traders the following 8 groups of financial instruments. Current changes in trading conditions can be found in "Company News" section.

  • Currency Pairs Trading

    The group of Forex is represented by traditional instruments for this market – currency pairs, which express the value of one currency relative to another one.

  • Precious Metals CFD Trading

    Precious metals, especially gold, have always had the status of reliable assets in times of crises and high volatility in the markets.

  • World Indices CFD Trading

    The instruments of this group allow to trade indices of leading stock exchanges. The price of instruments is expressed in local currency of each particular index.

  • Online Stock CFD Trading

    Stock CFDs - This group of trading instruments includes CFDs on highly liquid stocks of companies traded on the world stock markets.

  • Trade Commodity CFDs without an Expiration Date

    Continuous Commodity CFDs allow investing in the dynamics of commodity prices.

  • Commodity Futures CFD Trading

    Commodity Futures CFD Instruments allow investing in price dynamics of commodities through liquid futures.

  • Gold Instruments

    The group includes unique instruments where Gold, the base asset, is quoted against Silver, Oil and S&P 500 Index.

  • Trade CFDs on ETFs

    This group includes CFDs on shares of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

  • CFDs on Crypto Futures

    The instruments of this group allow to invest in the price dynamics of the crypto-currencies.

  • Library of Synthetic Instruments

    The group includes synthetic instruments, created by the analysts of IFC Markets for trading in NetTradeX trading terminal. The creation and trading of such synthetic instruments, with the technical name Personal Composite Instruments (PCI), is implemented on the NetTradeX PC platform.

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