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A new version of the trading terminal has been released NetTradeX Android 1.3.0

Due to a holiday in the USA, the trading schedule on 17.02.2014 and 18.02.2014 changes for the following instruments (CET):

A new version of the trading terminal NetTradeX Advisors 1.00.232 has been released. The terminal NetTradeX Advisors is designed for creating and using Advisors for automated (program) trading.

In addition to the payment methods we provide, a more convenient payment method for Japan has been added. Starting today, customers living in Japan are able to make a deposit by Japanese bank transfer.

A new version of the trading terminal NetTradeX Advisors 1.00.231 has been released. NetTradeX Advisors terminal is designed for creating and using advisors for automated (program) trading.

Dear clients!

Due to the holiday in the USA (Martin Luther King Day), the schedule of trading for the following instruments has been changed:

For commodity CFDs:
trades are closed...

The article "Spread trading between two stocks" is published, which reflects detailed analysis of spread trading opportunities by using composite instrument (PCI), based on two popular stocks – Apple and Google. Composite instrument is created on NetTradeX terminal, and on charts of the instrument the user can apply all methods of technical analysis.

A new version of NetTradeX Advisors 1.00.230 is released. NetTradeX Advisors is intended to create and use advisors for automated trading.

The article “Conversion of scripts from MetaTrader 4 on NetTradeX Advisors” , revealing the algorithm and peculiarities of the conversion of scripts, as well as trading advisors from MT4 to NetTradeX Advisors, is already published.

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Why IFC Markets?

  • Professional trading platform NetTradeX
  • Trading on streaming quotes with fixed spreads
  • Interbank SWAPs for currencies
  • Interest-free borrowing of non-currency assets
  • Opportunity to create personal trading instruments PCI
  • Insurance in AIG EUROPE LIMITED
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