Unlocking a Position

If there are two opposite positions on the same financial instrument, you can close them with one operation "Unlock positions". If these positions are of different volumes, a new position will be created with a new volume equal to the difference between the volumes of the positions (taking into account the direction).

To perform unlocking operations it is necessary to mark two lines with positions in "Open positions" window (by left-click pressing "Ctrl" button). Afterwards by right-clicking on that window we will call the context menu, where we will select "Unlock positions" option.

For example, let us perform unlocking operation on two open positions: Sell EURUSD with volume of 25 000 Euro and Buy EURUSD with volume of 20 000 Euro.

In the opened "Unlock positions" window press "Unlock" button.

The result of this operation - closing of two positions and opening of a new Sell position with volume of 5 000 Euro is reflected in the account balance, which can be seen in "Trade Operation Result(s)" window (if the option of showing operation results is set in terminal settings).