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PQMモデルに基づいた合併商品ツールを利用し、米国株式市場に対する日本株式市場の成長比較分析をすることができます。合併商品ツールをアクセスするためにNetTradeX 取引ターミナルをダウンロードし、デモ口座かリアル口座を開設してください。NetTradeX取引ターミナルをインストールし、日経平均株価とSP500からの合併商品を作成しましょう。合併商品を作成するステップは“合併商品作成方法”ページにて説明されています。

現在、世界有数の株価指数は非常によく似た傾向を示します。 2016年以来、S&P500、DJIとNasdaq 100は、約8.5%下落しました。ドイツのDAX指数と英国のFTSE100は、ドルでいうと、9.4%減少しました。 フランスのCAC40は7%、そして日本の日経225は最も下落し、10.7%赤字でした。全ての数値は国の通貨のダイナミクスをドル指数値の変化を反映し、考慮に入れます。



今日は取引ターミナルNetTradeXのもう一つの合併商品を提供します。「コモディティ」セクションの取引資産としてフィーダー牛肉や小麦を分析します。次の形式の合併商品・小麦/ F-牛を作成します。ベースパートは小麦とクオトパートはフィーダー牛肉を意味します。両方の製品の供給と需要の主要な動向を考慮してください。



Eurozone consists of nearly two dozens of countries, each having its own economic characteristics. The sovereign debt crisis that erupted in the region has brought down stock markets of all countries. But the reaction could not be quantitatively the same everywhere. In this article we will try to investigate the behavior of the major German index DE 30 and the major French index FR 40, to compare their dynamics in order to determine the relative pace of recovery of each of them in the last several years.

Financial markets have cyclical nature, with investment capital flowing from gold and silver to "paper" assets and vice versa. Worldwide, investors prefer to keep their funds in the form of precious metals when the state of the economy is poor, during crises, wars and defaults, when there is no trust to the stock market. During conventional economic stability, investors prefer securities to precious metals and invest in the stock market. The USA is currently considered one of the largest holders of gold reserves among separate countries, and the American stock market is the largest in the world. Let’s consider the interrelation between these markets. In order to understand the market of precious metals, discover its main differences from other instruments popular in the world financial markets we will turn to the weekly chart of DJI (Dow Jones Industrial Average index) against a basket composed of equal shares of gold and silver.

Recently, the technology of pair trading has become greatly popular among traders. Pair trading, also known as statistical arbitrage or spread trading is a strategy which allows the trader to use anomalies, as well as fairly strong differences between prices of two stocks or baskets while maintaining neutrality of the market. The basis of the strategy is to identify correlated stocks and use moments when prices converge or diverge. Pair trading helps smooth price fluctuations and increases the predictability of the market. In other words, it creates a clearer, more predictable range for traders to trade. The task of the trader is to identify the timing of abnormal correlation.