Live Indices Prices - Stock Indices Widget


Add a free Live Indices Prices Widget from IFC Markets to your website, blog or social network page (for instance Facebook) and allow your visitors to stay informed of the real time Stock Indices quotes 24 hours a day.

The live quotes widget will give your visitors an opportunity to track the market prices in real time for the major stock indices and US Dollar Index:

  • S&P 500
  • Dow Jones
  • NIKKEI 225
  • NASDAQ 100
  • US Dollar Index
  • Other indices

The widget is available in 13 languages and can be personalized according to your preferences and your website design.

Provided by IFC Markets

How to set Live Stock Quotes Widget

  1. Click on “Show/Hide Instruments” button
    and select the instruments you want to show
  2. Select the language for your widget
  3. Click on "Get the code" button and copy the code
  4. Paste the code on your website
    (exactly where you want the widget to appear)
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