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Swiss economic growth outlook was downgraded due to weak performance in the first half of the year. Will the USDCHF continue rebounding?

New Zealand economy accelerated in the second quarter. Will the New Zealand dollar continue strengthening?

In the US, the consequences of Harvey and Irma hurricanes are being eliminated. In particular, the electricity supply is restored, which may increase the demand for electricity. Will the natural gas prices increase?

This Wednesday, September 20, 2017, the next US Fed meeting will take place. No rate hike is expected, but the dollar may strengthen in case of positive statements by the US regulator. Is there a possibility for the EURUSD to decline?

US beef consumption and exports are forecast to rise. Will live cattle price continue rallying?

Improving economic performance is bullish for French stock market. Will FR 40 continue rallying?

UK inflation rose 2.9% in August, above expected 2.8% gain. Will the British Pound continue strengthening?

Accelerating manufacturing and services sectors expansion is bullish for German stock market. Will DE 30 continue rallying?

UK manufacturing production and GDP accelerated recently. Will the GB 100 index advance?

Improving euro-zone growth is bullish for euro. Will the euro continue the rise against the greenback?