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In this review, we want to consider the dynamics of the currency pair British Pound against the Australian dollar. Is there a possibility for GBPAUD quotes to reduce?

In this review, we suggest considering the personal composite instrument (PCI) &XAGMXN. It reflects the price dynamics of silver against the Mexican peso. Will the XAGMXN quotes grow?

Improving euro-zone industrial production and falling French unemployment are bullish for euro. Will the EURUSD continue rising?

Drought conditions are expected to continue across US south western Plains. Will the wheat price resume advancing?

Buy stop1,0654
Take profit1,247
Return on Investment +17%
Overview date2017-01-13
Date of the closing position2018-02-15

The British government estimated that the rates of the British economic growth will go down by 5% because of Brexit, if a trade deal is signed with the European Union. In case of no agreement, the slowdown in the growth rates may be 8%. Will EURGBP quotes advance?

The volume of China’s money supply M2 increased by 8.6% in January of this year compared to January 2017. This is much more than the preliminary forecasts. Will the USDCNH quotes advance?

The US dollar index rose by 1.7% in a week and demonstrated a maximum increase in 15 months. Perhaps its strengthening will continue in relation to some currencies as well. Will the USDCHF grow?

Strong economic data make further tightening by the Federal Reserve more likely. Will SP500 decline further?

Buy stop0,705 or 0,708
Take profit0,728
Return on Investment +3%
Overview date2017-01-12
Date of the closing position2017-02-08

The dollar uptrend has stalled as investors are looking for details how Trump’s proclaimed prо-growth policies will be formulated. And higher than expected German economic growth in 2016, according to preliminary reading, is bullish for euro. Will the euro continue recovery?

New Zealand and European Union are planning to launch as quickly as possible the negotiations to sign a free trade agreement. EU ranks 3rd among major trade partners of New Zealand. Their trade volume totaled $8.6bn in 2015. Will New Zealand dollar advance?