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The hurricane Michael can damage US crops. Will the cotton pricecontinue rising?

Activities in Hong Kong’s private sector continued to slow in September. Will the HK50 continue declining?

Sell stop3520
Take profit3427 and 3433
Return on Investment +16%
Overview date2017-05-30
Date of the closing position2017-08-17 and 2017-09-04

The Australian stock market index fell below its 200-day moving average while recent economic data were mixed. Will the AU200 decline continue?

UK construction and services sectors’ expansion slowed more than expected in September. Will the GBPUSD slide continue?

Euro-zone unemployment fell in August while inflation edged higher. Will the EU50 recovery continue?

Buy stop2,63
Take profit3,05
Return on Investment +16%
Overview date2017-05-29
Date of the closing position2017-09-12

Slow sales at China state cotton reserve auction signals weak demand in China. Will the cotton price continue declining?

August leading economic indicator edged up in Australia, a signal of accelerating growth. Will the AU200 recovery continue?