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What is a Trading Platform

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A trading platform is a combination of technical and software tools which provide users (traders) with access to information about the situation in financial markets, allows executing trading operations and keeps track of obligations between the client and the Company, providing access to financial markets.

A trading platform operates via internet and consists of two major parts:

Interbank market
Company's server
Client terminal
  1. 1Client terminal, which is a computer program, installed on a trader's computer or a mobile device;
  2. 2Company server, which provides quotations (information about prices of financial instruments) for clients' trading terminals, executes trading operations and manages traders’ accounts.

Trading platforms differ in the available functions, interface and technical specifications, the major of which are:
  • The method of client terminal set-up: a) PC installation; b) web interface installation (through a web browser); c) mobile device installation;
  • Graphical display of received quotations;
  • Carrying out technical analysis with a wide range of indicators;
  • Quick and easy-to-use interface for setting orders;
  • The possibility to trade in the stock exchange or with several liquidity providers at the same time (for instance, ECN trading floors);
  • Program trading which gives an opportunity to automatically execute trade operations according to one’s own trading strategy;
  • Additional services – accounts management, news line, signals generation.

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