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Profile Guide

  • How to Register

    Private Area is a tool for managing real trading and demo accounts of all platforms, deposit and withdrawal of funds from accounts.

  • How to change the account password

    You can change the password of your Live or Demo Account. To do this, identify yourself by your phone number or a secret word, or by providing a scanned copy of your ID. If for some reason these options do not work, please, write to the Company's Backoffice.

  • How to Change the Profile Password

    You can change the password for accessing your Private Area (profile) to a more convenient one or in case of its loss. To do this, identify yourself via your phone or by the secret word, or by providing a scanned copy of your identity document, as well as by sending a request to the Customer Support.

  • How to Open a New Account

    You can open a new Real or Demo Account via your Profile:

  • How to Change Trading Account Settings

    Your Private Area allows you to request changes in your live account settings.

  • How to Withdraw from Your Account

    In order to withdraw your funds from your MT4 account, please go to “Accounts” – “My Accounts”, click on "Withdraw" in the table of the trading account you want to withdraw funds from. Select the withdrawal method from the drop-down list of available withdrawal method and fill out corresponding fields.

  • Internal Transfer Between Accounts

    Within your Dashboard you can make an internal transfer between your live accounts. You can access the internal transfer dialog in the following ways: