The purpose of the Method

The method is primarily for the analysis of financial markets, the study of complex interrelations between assets and their combinations. The method provides convenient technology for technical analysis of complex asset portfolios, the study of the behavior of portfolios, based on historical data. Absolute flexibility of the method and its practical implementation on NetTradeX trading platform are achieved by giving each asset an individual weight in the total structure, including both long and short positions in the portfolio, using hundreds of different asset classes.

The method allows the trader to realize his trading ideas and strategies by personal composite instruments, to check the behavior of his instruments, based on long-term historical data, to find the optimal ratio of the projected profitability and risk tolerance.

GeWorko Method application in practice allows you not only to quickly transfer your ideas to trading-analytical system and to estimate them based on historical data, but also to trade created personal instruments – you can find the details of trading realization on Personal instruments page. In fact, the trader is not restricted by the number of available financial instruments any longer, getting an opportunity to create personal instruments, reflecting his own trading ideas and having its graphical history. The method allows to turn two asset portfolios into a new trading instrument, but there is a great variety of such compositions. As a result, practically unlimited number of new instruments for analysis and trading become available for the trader.