Portfolio Quoting Method – New Ways for Analysis of Financial Markets

New Capacities of NetTradeX Trading Platform

The trading-analytical platform NetTradeX, developed by a group of highly qualified programmers of a company with the analogous name NetTradeX Corp. (www.nettradex.com), has been recently gaining more and more popularity among traders and investors, trading in financial markets. An active appliance of NetTradeX is observed in such countries as Japan, Iran, India, Indonesia, Arabic countries, Russia and others.

This platform provides clients with wide opportunities for technical analysis, as well as for trading various instruments in financial markets, such as Forex, CFD, Futures, Stocks, etc. NetTradeX can be used by installing it on a PC, it is also available on mobiles and tablets.

Joint Product of IFC Markets and NetTradeX Corp.

The developers of NetTradeX constantly work on the expansion of the abilities of the platform and so quite recently a new version of the program with a really unique analytical functional, named Portfolio Quoting Method (PQM), has been launched by NetTradeX with the support of a financial company IFC Markets. PQM comes to be an absolutely new, innovative market analysis method, which allows to create portfolios from a variety of financial assets, available on the platform, and determine the price of оne portfolio аgainst the other. As a result, the users of the new product gets a new financial unit – synthetic instrument (with the technical name Personal Composite Instruments PCI). It is possible to construct both a simple structured PCI, when each portfolio includes only one asset, and a rather complex one with a great number of various assets (stocks, currencies, metals, etc.). An example of a simple PCI can be the comparison of an index price of a definite country (American DJI or German DAX) with the price of one barrel of oil or one ounce of gold. The combination of a complex PCI exclusively depends on the user’s imagination and on the availability of these assets in the list of existing financial instruments.

Efficiency and Simplicity of Appliance

The prices of all assets in the portfolio are automatically recalculated in US dollars (if they are expressed in other currencies), which allows to correctly compare both portfolios with each other. Purely technically, the building of the chart on the previously constructed PCI takes no more than two minutes. With the mouse of the computer the user chooses any number of assets in both portfolios from the list of available financial instruments, indicates weighs for each asset and clicks on the button “Build Chart”.

At present no other trading-analytical platform or financial-analytical web resource provides such a quick and convenient way of building charts, reflecting the relation between any portfolios, chosen by the user. NetTradeX platform has all necessary abilities for the technical analysis. Depending on investment horizons, the client can choose any timeframe ranging from 1 minute to a week. A wide list of technical indicators is available, which can both be put on the graph itself and be carried out on new windows. It is even possible to carry out the graph on the additional monitor of the computer if there is such. So, the existing abilities of the technical analysis together with fundamental approach can be used for better understanding the behavior of portfolios and for explanation of relations between various combinations of assets.

In this sense PCI through Portfolio Quothing Method, having been developed on the basis of trading-analytical platform NetTradeX is a very effective instrument for financial analysts, asset managers, investment funds and traders.