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Simple portfolio of assets

Popular trading of asset portfolios is used by private traders and fund managers within a large number of investment strategies. A trader can quickly create several different simple portfolios in the form of synthetic instruments with all components quoted against the U.S. Dollar, compare these portfolios based on graphical analysis of deep long-term history, select the best portfolio, according to his criteria and trade the selected synthetic instrument. Moreover, the composition of the portfolio can be quickly modified with changes of the economic situation and change of investment priorities.

Traders get an opportunity to create portfolios, based on different principles - by asset class, by industry, by country, realizing their personal portfolios, similar to popular indices of ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). For example, a trader can analyze and trade a portfolio of energy assets (available at our terminal in the list of CFD Commodities), for these purposes creating the PCI with the composition of "(# C-BRENT + # C-NATGAS + # C-HEATOIL) / USD" and with weights of components, according to his investment preferences. Of course, the trader can create a similar portfolio, quoted not against the USD, but in any other currency or asset.