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Video Tutorials on Working with NetTradeX Platform

How to open a position

An instruction for opening and closing a trading position or entering the market in NetTradeX terminal.

You can find out different ways of opening a trading position in the section “How to open a trading position”.

How to place orders

Learn how to place and edit market, one cancels the other (OCO) and activated orders.

You can see more detailed information on working with orders in the “Trading Order types” page.

How to work with charts

Learn to work with charts in NetTradeX: choose an instrument and open a chart, set up a chart type, time interval and the window type.

You can see more detailed information on working with charts in the section “How to work with chart templates” .

How to work with indicators and objects

In order to make proper technical analysis of the market, learn how to work with technical indicators and graphical objects in NetTradeX.

Find more information about indicators and objects in the section “How to set indicators and graphical objects”.

How to create and trade PCI

Learn how to create and edit personal composite instruments for portfolio trading through unique GeWorko method.

You can find more detailed information in the section “Quick guide for creating and trading PCI”.

How to open a Demo account

From this video tutorial you will learn how to open a Demo account in NetTradeX trading terminal.

You can read the step-by-step instruction on opening a Demo account in the section "Open Forex Account".