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Introduction to Forex Trading

If you want to learn how to trade Forex, you need to take into account that it will take time, effort and willingness. IFC Markets offers you not to spend much time on looking for materials and instead study everything directly with us. The currency exchange market nowadays is one of the most popular spheres for everyone, since the daily turnover on this market is above 4 trillion.
This section reveals the main concepts of Forex trading and gives a great opportunity to learn how to trade in forex market.

You need to get involved in all the details to have full understanding of the market, how it works, what instruments are traded, what are the main concepts in trading, what analytical tools there are for making accurate predictions, which instruments have high liquidity and many more. You might be confused at the beginning but it is not difficult if you treat it seriously. In this section you will find out who are the market players, what main concepts are there that should be remembered and taken into consideration, how to calculate profit/loss and much more.

If you have finally decided to take part in Forex trading and learn how to trade online, then this is the very start point and you need to grasp this information so as to go ahead and use it in practice. So, a specific terminology and trading logic exist, that should be studied before taking any practical step. Besides reading these articles, you can also open a Demo account to see all those concepts on the terminal – the visual memory will help you to understand everything faster and, moreover, for a beginner it is very important to start with a Demo account so as not to waste money.

In addition, we recommend you to follow political and financial events taking place all over the world, as any episode happening in these spheres directly influences the market and its behavior. Overall, you can start trading on a Real account as soon as you see that you are already having profits on your Demo account.