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The DAX or DAX 30 Index (abbreviation for Deutscher Aktienindex) is the most significant stock index in Germany. The index is computed as a weighted average of value of prices of stocks of the 30 largest German stock companies (capitalization is calculated only for shares in free float). The DAX index takes into account the dividents on shares as well. Thus, the DAX 30 reflects the total income of the shareholders.

The DAX was set on July 1, 1988 and is computed by Deutsche Boerse AG. The base date for the DAX is 30.12.1987- at this moment the value of the index is considered to be equal to 1,000. Stocks, included in the index, provide 80% of the stock exchange turnover and well reflect general state of German Stock Exchange.

While computing the DAX between 09:00-17:30 (CET), stock prices of Xetra electronic-trading system are used and from 17:30-20:00- prices of Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The DAX 30 includes stock prices of such companies, as BMW, Bayer, MAN, Volkswagen, Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Lufthansa, Deutsche Boerse, Daimler, DT. Telekom, E.ON, Allianz SE VNA, BASF and others. Each company has its own weight in the index.

Additionally, several dozens of specialized indexes of the DAX are computed. The most popular one is Tec DAX, index of high-tech companies segment, computed on the basis of quotations of the most liquid stocks of high-tech companies.

The DAX Index is the basis for DAX 30 futures (FDAX) and DAX options (ODAX). These derivatives are provided by European electronic futures and options exchange (Eurex).

With IFC Markets traders have an opportunity to trade Germany 30 Index, including 30 German companies, composed similar to the DAX (in standard composition and weights of separate issuers). This index is a synthetic continuous instrument (without date of expiration). You can watch Dax 30 Live Chart to get the historical and real time prices.

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