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How to Change Trading Account Settings

Your Private Area allows you to request changes in your live account settings.

You can change the account type and the account leverage, finding the line with the account you need on the page with a list of your Live accounts. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Left-click on the value of the parameter to be changed and select the new value in the list that opens.
  • You will see two buttons with “V” and “X” symbols at the bottom right end of the line - click the “V” symbol and a request for parameter change will be sent to the company’s back office; the current value of the parameter in the line will be replaced by the request number (clicking on this number will open a window with the status of the request, as well as with the possibility to cancel the request). Clicking on the sign «X» will cancel the request.

You can change the type of account from Standard to Beginner (or Micro), or vice versa (but you cannot change the Fixed spread subtype to Floating spread, and vice versa). Also, you cannot change the Hedged subtype to Netting for MetaTrader 5 accounts, and vice versa.

It should be noted that when switching from Standard to Beginner (or Micro), it is necessary to consider the permissible maximum equity of the Beginner (or Micro) account.

You can change the account leverage of a demo account. Also, you can delete the Demo account by the “Delete Account” function on the menu bar at the end of the line.

These requests are considered by the Company's back-office during its working hours (usually within 10-15 minutes).

You can see the status of your request in the "Requests" section. Follow the "View all requests" link to see the details of the request.

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