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How to Fund a Trading Account

You can replenish your live trading account through the replenishment dialog within your Private Area. You can access this dialog in the following ways:

  • In the "My money" section, click on the "Deposit" button and select the account you want to replenish.
  • In the "Live accounts" list, at the end of the line of the chosen account, click "Deposit", or select the "Deposit Funds" function after clicking on the "ellipsis" icon.

The first “Select Deposit Method” page of the replenishment dialog contains a list of deposit methods, both the main ones - bank transfer, debit/credit bank card, Bitcoin transfer, and additional ones for transfers from some countries and regions of the world. Each deposit method is characterized by two main parameters - processing time (from “instantly” up to 2-3 business days) and transfer commission (most deposit methods work without commission).

You can choose a suitable replenishment method and click the «Deposit» button on the line of the chosen method - a dialog box for replenishment will open.

Let's consider the main ways.

1. Bank Transfer.

On the “Account Deposit” page, you need to specify the top-up amount (minimum $100/€100/¥10000) - the recommended top-up currency corresponds to the account balance currency.

By clicking the "Next" button, you will move to a page with the details of our bank (including the correspondent bank) for transferring funds. In the payment details, indicate your trading account number and your full name (in Latin characters).

Please, pay attention to the following important features of bank transfers:

  • Payments from third parties are not accepted. The payer’s name must match the name specified in your profile.
  • The settlement currency for client accounts is the US dollar, Euro, or Japanese yen. When funds are received in another currency, they are converted into the account balance currency.
  • The sending or correspondent bank may charge a commission for the bank transfer. Our Company does not charge any fees.
  • Bank transfers usually take 2-3 business days.
  • Money is transferred to a trading account within 24 hours from the receipt of the funds by the Company. The client agrees that the funds will be credited to his/her trading account only if the company makes sure the client is the beneficial owner of the bank account that the funds are transferred from. Please retain your bank transfer confirmation so that we can check the details if necessary.

2. Bank card transfer (VISA, Mastercard, SorexPay, JCB, China Union Pay).

Step 1. On the "Deposit" page:

  • Choose a trading account to replenish.
  • Set deposit amount (minimum - $100/€100/¥10000, maximum - $5000/€5000/¥500000) - the recommended top-up currency corresponds to the account balance currency, otherwise the funds will be converted.
  • Confirm familiarization with the documents on the terms of operations with a bank card and click "Next".

In the "My Requests" section and on the "Operations History" page in the "Deposits" table, a new line will appear with the "Pending" status, and the payment details will become awailable for you in the "Details" field. Please note that our Company may request your Client Profile authorization (if it has not been previously authorized), and also can ask to make sure the recommended (but not required) country of your card issuer corresponds to the country you indicated during registration. Additionally, the SorexPay payment system may require card verification with a checksum.

Step 2. A payment system page will open to complete filling in your personal data, payment details and to make a payment.Usually it is needed to fill in the following fields:

  • Card type - mark your card type in the field
  • Card number - enter the card number
  • Expiration date - enter the expiration date of your card
  • CVV2/CVC2 code - enter card security code
  • Name of issuing bank - enter the name of the issuing bank
  • Secure purchase - confirm familiarization with documents and acceptance of terms

The list of fields may vary depending on the provider of the payment system.

Wait for the result of processing the request to continue the procedure. This may take 30 seconds. In case of payment failure, its status will change to “Failed", "Canceled”, and in case of successful payment - “Paid”.

Step 3. If the payment is successful, you will see its details again. Additionally, the Company reserves the right to ask you (in the payment details message) to upload your card scan (the first 6 and last 4 digits on the front side of the card number should be visible, the rest - closed, and on the back side you should close the CVC/CVV code) that is required for each card first used by the client. Your signature must be visible on the back side of your card. This will also allow the Company’s Bak office to authorize the card and allow subsequent payments from it without requesting a scan.

Step4. After the successful completion of all actions on this payment, funds are credited to the live account, and the payment status changes to “Credited".

In the drop-down list by clicking "Status", you can filter the list of your requests.

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