List of Financial Instruments

The rates of the used instruments are displayed in the "Market Watch" window.

In this window you may see current Bid, Ask and Time of the quotation. Moreover, by right-clicking on the tabs, you this table may arrange columns and customize columns and rows.

By right-clicking on the "Market Watch" or "Navigator" windows (in the "Instruments" section), as well as through the "Trade" option from the main menu you can do the following:

  • Select "Customize list of instruments…" option to change the list of the used instruments.
  • Select "Add instruments…" to get information about all available instruments.

By selecting "Customize list of instruments…" option "Instruments in Use" window opens.

In this window you can see the list of instruments in use by instrument categories (types), view information on an instrument (on “#C-BRENT” in the example), delete unnecessary instruments from the list, as well as add instruments from the list of available instruments.

To add an instrument, press "Add" button and the "Instrument Browser" window will open.

In this window you can view all available instruments, grouped under separate categories, view information on each instrument and select an instrument to be added to the list of instruments in use. In the example CFD on "DE30" index is selected. Press "Add to used instruments" button, next, click "Close" button. In the dialog you can select several instruments at the same time. Moreover, in the list of the chosen financial instruments there are instruments which are already in the list of the used ones - such instruments are marked (Ex: "GB100" in the picture).

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