Gator Oscillator Explained

Gator Oscillator Definition

The Gator Oscillator is a supplement to the Alligator indicator and is used alongside with it showing the absolute degree of convergence/divergence of the Alligator's three SMAs pointing at the Alligator's periods of slumber and awakeness (i.e. trending and non-trending market phases).

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How to Use Gator Oscillator

Being an oscillator in the form of two histograms built on either side of the naught line, the Gator Oscillator plots the absolute difference between the Alligator’s Jaw and Teeth (blue and red lines) in the positive area and the absolute difference between the Alligator’s Teeth and Lips (red and green lines) in the negative area. The histogram’s bars are colored green if exceeding the previous bar’s volume or red if falling short.

The bars of the extreme values are in tune with the strong trend forces.

The Alligator's activity periods are divided into the following four:

1. Gator awakes

The bars on different sides of the naught line are colored differently.

2. Gator eats

Green bars on both sides of the naught line.

3. Gator fills out

Single red bar during the "eating" phase.

4. Gator sleeps

The bars on both sides are red.

Gator Oscillator

Gator Oscillator (GO)

How to use Gator Oscillator in trading platform

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